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Thermavein is FDA Registered for the treatment and management of Telangiectasia and lower limb veins.

The Gold Standard
for spider vein and lower limb vein treatment

The time proven leading and validated method that delivers
instant, safe and permanent results across all skin types,
and age groups. For use by spas and aestheticians
and medical practices.

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About ThermaVein

ThermaVein is the Gold Standard for the permanent removal of spider veins and lower limb veins, that delivers a fantastic and lasting skin transformation for all types of customer and all skin types.

As a business we are committed to helping our customers succeed, and strive to continuously develop and improve our technology adopting new techniques to keep us at the forefront of the industry.

Formed in 2012, after 2 years of successful clinical trials covering 5,000 patients, ThermaVein quickly established itself as the Gold Standard.

First launched in the UK and then into mainland Europe, the device is now successfully used in hundreds of clinics, spas and medical facilities worldwide including Bupa, BMI, Nuffield Health, Spire Healthcare, and the Paris Centre Medical, and top Harley Street clinics.

We have supplied the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre, and also many leading spas, clinics and health care practitioners in the USA since 2013.

Our device is FDA registered and also has regulatory approval for use within South America.

How it works

The simple uniqueness of ThermaVein is delivered through a process known as Thermocoagulation. The device uses a probe to move along the top of the vein gently pressing down every one to two millimetres, delivering a very low 4MHz current to permanently seal the vein walls together.

As we do not coagulate the blood but instead seal the vein, immediately post treatment the blood is unable to then circulate through this vein causing it to instantly disappear.

The treatment is permanent, as the vein naturally breaks-down within the body over time. Whereas with blood coagulation delivered through other methods, the blockage formed by the coagulated blood often breaks down over time. The pathway for the blood is thus re-established with the redness of the vein then reappearing.

ThermaVein is simple to install, and operate, leaving your patients with no burning, scarring or hyper/hypo pigmentation of the skin for any of its treatments.

Fig 1. The ThermaVein® probe compresses the vein as it is lowered onto the skin

Fig 2. The ThermaVein® probe sends out a pulse of energy, which seals the vein

Fig 3. The sealed area disappears. The process is repeated along the vein until clearance is achieved

Experience the ThermaVein wow factor for yourself

Benefits for clinics

ThermaVein is a low cost, high return proven device that requires no costly service contracts or consumables. Known the world over as the Gold Standard treatment of spider veins and lower limb veins, ThermaVein will continually deliver fantastic revenue for you and fantastic results for your patients.

In addition to the great spider vein and lower limb vein results you and your patients will experience, ThermaVein is also widely regarded as the perfect companion to post IPL rosacea treatments. It is also often used in combination with Sclerotherapy when treating lower limb veins, clearing up the remaining veins with ease.

It also a fantastic up sale opportunity for a range of other cosmetic procedures, and creates fantastic results with all skin types, across all age groups and is equally effective on male and female customers.

Delivering many thousands of treatments, the safety of the ThermaVein device and treatments have never once been subjected to any malpractice lawsuit anywhere across the globe, providing an extra level of comfort to your staff and your patients.

We also now have an expert full time US team in Scottsdale, Arizona to support your clinic.

  • The affordable, global Gold Standard in spider vein and lower limb treatments
  • Excellent ongoing financial returns
  • No risk of burning scarring or hyper/hypo pigmentation
  • Great add-on upsell opportunity from other cosmetic procedures
  • Low cost consumables
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Compact, portable & easily stored apparatus
  • 2-year warranty
  • Training and support provided
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ThermaVein has been a great addition for my business. I had been very frustrated by the results on thread veins with IPL. ThermaVein gives instant results and clients have been thrilled. Finally a machine that lives up to its claims.Fiona Hood

Benefits for patients

ThermaVein is known the world over as the Gold Standard in the instant, safe and permanent treatment of cosmetic spider veins and lower limb veins. In Europe the device also safely and effectively treats a variety of vascular blemishes.

Often creating an immediate wow-factor with patients, our treatments are a fast, effective and safe 15-minute walk-in walk-out patient solution. There is no down time, and no potential burning, scarring or hypo/hyper pigmentation loss.

Your patients can expect instant results with their vein treatments, whilst vascular blemishes may take up to 10 days.


*Kirsten’s Story filmed in the UK

Advantages of Thermocoagulation

Our technology is proven and tested. Low risk, no reoccurrence, just exceptional results.


ThermaVein has been a great addition to my business in terms of revenue created and additional services I am able to offer. I’ve had great results from the machine and my clients have been really happy with the end result. I found the ThermaVein team both friendly, helpful and the training was excellent.

Ann Howarth Skin Saviours at The Beauty Rooms

ThermaVein has been a great addition for my business. I had been very frustrated by the results on thread veins with IPL. ThermaVein gives instant results and clients have been thrilled. Finally a machine that lives up to its claims.

Fiona Hood

This treatment is honestly life changing for some people!! People tell me they hate going out without make up on just because of a few veins around their nose. Now, to the naked eye it’s nothing and we barely notice them but if you suffer with Thread veins, it’s the first thing you see when you look in the mirror. Usually it only takes one session of the ThermaVein and these veins will be gone for good! Takes less then 15 minutes and voila! Gone! Slightly uncomfortable but not unbearable and the results are just incredible

Alisha Louise Aesthetics

ThermaVein is a very user friendly device, easy to set up and no engineering skills needed. Easy to carry. Immediate results. No side effects. Great return on investment. ThermaVein have a great customer service, always there when you need them.

Aesthetic Center MM

As we all know there’s many claims by many companies but none deliver like ThermaVein®. Each treatment that I carry out still gives me such pleasure as I see the veins literally disappear in front of my very eyes! What a truly remarkable machine and an excellent professional company that are an absolute pleasure to work with. Our business has increased as now we can offer a proven treatment for those unsightly blemishes that our clients can have treated with a professional and reliable procedure.

Austin Brewer, A B Facial Aesthetics

I’ve been using Thermavein and we absolutely love the results and the response from our patients. It offers consistent results. We can treat skin tags, irritating red facial veins on the face and cherry angiomas. I love it and wouldn’t be without it!

Kelly Saynor RGN

I have never seen so many clients so happy to look in the mirror post ThermaVein® treatment and see the veins that have been such a problem to them have disappeared. I don’t need to sell ThermaVein® sells itself.

Sharon Sherriff, Bsc (Hons), RGN,Independent prescriber, Aesthetic practitioner

I have used the ThermaVein for many years. It is the safest and fastest technique to make spider veins disappear. I have offered this procedure to several hundred patients with a very high satisfaction rate. The big advantage to patients is that it is risk-free and is almost painless. No need for stockings, no need for any other additional treatment.

Professor Nadey Hakim, MD, PhD, FRCS

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